Our Little Story

Every child at Made in English has the right to benefit high quality teaching that will enable them to reach for and beyond their potential. Our children will become confident learners who have a desire to fullfil their aspirations and will develop a passion for learning and its infinite possibilities in a nurturing, safe and loving School. 

Our motto is: “to stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself – that is the first duty of the educator” — Montessori.

Learning English in early childhood is the main condition to become citizens of the international community on a global scale and represents an important learning experience for children.

The International school Made in English was born in cooperation with Cambridge Academy (English school).

We combine Cambridge Academy (English school) experience with professionalism and quality of Montessori education.  Differently from bilingual schools, our school programs will be completely carried out by English mother tongue teachers and will follow international curricula.

Made in English is a school for children aged between 2 and 5 years. Each class can sit max. 10 – 15 students and will be grouped according to their age.

We have developed a skill-based curriculum in order to excite and engage the children in their learning.  Our school offers a wide range of extra- curricular clubs, led by specialists and school staff. We are committed to enriching the curriculum with topic-based days and weeks, as a feature of school life, as are Shakespeare theatre, painting classes and cooking laboratories. The children have also a wide access to music, with singing and dancing classes. Music, drama, painting and cooking workshops are useful activities to enhance our kids’ creativity. In other words, by involving our students into artistic and imaginative activities we stimulate their “creative thinking” and indirectly teach them how to find innovative ways to solve problems, generate new ideas and find a way to make things better.

The development of motor skills is also crucial for young learners. It is demonstrated that students who have developed motor skills since their early childhood are more likely to have better social behavior and “executive function,” or a sharpened ability to pay attention, follow directions and stay on task later in the school year. Our curriculum provides “gym lessons” and physical activities which periodically take place in our garden. Promoting motor skills is a way to help children de­velop an active, positive lifestyles and to make English a fun experience. In addition to this the contact our children have with nature during our “garden lessons” improves their mood, their cognitive functioning and their social interactions.


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